About famoir

The story of our candles is based on the miracle of memory.

We believe that memories are the most important and, at best, the most beautiful treasures that each person carries with them individually.

And our memory is the only paradise from which one cannot be expelled.

Marcel Proust best addresses memory through smell, the strongest of our senses, in his famous novel, In Search of Lost Time. The first-person narrator experiences how the scent and taste of a pastry called Petite Madeleine, dipped in lime blossom tea, trigger a surge of childhood memories in him. In fact, his description is so well known that scholars refer to it as the "Proust effect" or the "madeleine effect" when talking about the phenomenon of how scents and smells evoke memories and arouse emotions.
Therefore, when we perceive a certain smell or scent, we are transported to another time or place. Or we remember a certain person. And thus memories become stories.

Each of our candles has its own story. Maybe it is yours, too.

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