Candle Care & Safety

Candle Care

Make the most out of your scented candles and follow this simple guide: If you take care of your candle it will smell better, it will also last longer and will fill your house with good vibes.

- This point is so important and we are not getting tired of pointing it out: Wax has a memory. To make sure that your candles don`t tunnel, make sure that the melt pool has reached the edge of the container.

- Before lightning your candle trim the wick to about 5mm. This should prevent smoke and residue. If you don’t the flame will be massive, the candle will burn badly and will be unsafe. And keep an eye on the wick if it is not in the middle.

Candle Safety

If you take good care of it everything will be better and it will also be safe to burn. We’re all grown ups but let’s be clear, you are setting fire to something in your home and that requires a bit of common sense.

- Lit Candles are hot. Never burn a candle right to another one. Or touch a candle jar while it is lit and allow sufficient time for a candle to cool off before handling.

- Never leave candles unattended, especially don`t leave them by an open window or a draft.

- Don’t burn candles right down to the bottom of the vessel. Our candles will last some hours so don’t panic. That last bit left in the glass is ok to leave.